Feature Type: Prototype


ICCEW provided expertise and access to professionals to create the starting points for the creation of the prototypes shown here. These prototypes became proofs of concept for the woodblock printing boxes to create the Rime Tables and the hands, the "pop block" action blocks, and the electronic chip reading and sound producing Seedling.


Using Pinying blocks and a system of electronic chips, readers, and sounds. The Seedling would allow users to create English words using Pinying characters based on Chinese pronunciation.

Seedling & Blocks

The Seedling and blocks consumer-facing prototype offers a more hands-on learning tool that combines the tactile play of blocks with the sophistication of the Pinying software. The tool first pronounces the correct sound of each of the Pinying characters inserted and then pronounces the whole word spelled by the assembled characters. The home version would fold into a more transportable shape and size.