Feature Type: Room


Marketing and development done with the help of the Ronnie K. Irani Center of the Creation of Economic Wealth provided expertise and ability to prototype some of the future models and methods of Pinying.

Intellectual Property Room

It takes a team of experts to help protect intellectual property as it makes its way from the brain to a public market. Hours or writing and reviewing go into legally creating a patent or a copyright.

Victorian Elocution

The elocution movement in Victorian England led to exacting standards for pronunciation through body posture as English became a dominant global language. The interactive zoetropes--early forms of animation---that were part of this room showed some of those movements as well as mouth positions for pronouncing certain English sounds.

Jueju Room

The map of Oklahoma providing the backdrop for the Jueju poetry competition room reveals the many and diverse areas and ages from which students competed. Their results were weighed on the traditional Chinese Civil Service Exam with each being awarded a title of "child student," "recommended person," "top conference examinee," or "advanced scholar."

Song Room

The Song room features aspects of intellectual life during the Song Dynasty and how the theory of harmony influenced language.