Future Impact

It is easier for English speakers to learn Chinese via letters, easier for Chinese speakers to learn English via characters


The Chinese Romanization System used by all students in China only applies to Mandarin Chinese, and the system itself has created additional problems for English learners in China. For instance, the Romanization system does not distinguish between the vowels in /sit/ and /seat/ or between /mug/ and /meg/, among others.



Pinying uses common Chinese characters that have only one standard pronunciation. By using characters instead of ambiguous letters, students always know exactly which sounds to pronounce and in which order. This use of characters also allows students to differentiate between British and American accents, which are often randomly mixed in China. 




The most common phonetic alphabet in China is the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). In the West, the complexity of this system limits its use to professional linguists due to its reliance on arbitrary symbols that are difficult to learn. In China, these symbols are often taught incorrectly. 



Rather than learning three confusingly incompatible Romanization systems (Pinyin, English spelling, and IPA), students who use Pinying can simply focus on learning English spelling for reading and writing, and on a Chinese character-based phonetic script to accurately map out standard English pronunciations.


The problems most Chinese speakers have learning English are created by the way English and Chinese are taught in Chinese schools.



Forest Path Studio technologies will help children learn to spell with both Chinese and English characters from the beginning to avoid creating the problems that typically hold students back. The Seedling allows children to learn Chinese and English phonetics at the same time through visual, tactile, interactive, and multimodal tools. Blocks can be stacked into words vertically or be entered into the Seedling, which pronounces each block as well as any words the blocks spell. 

道林科技(Forest Path Studio)将帮助中国的孩子们从一开始就学习汉字和英语的正确发音, 从而避免那些阻碍学习的常见问题出现。“Seedling” 学习机让孩子们通过视觉、触觉、互动式和多模型学习工具来同时学习汉语和英语发音。发音积木既可以纵向叠加来组成英语单词,也可以放置在 “Seedling” 学习机上来发出一个完整的单词发音。

Seedling block

Seedling prototype.