Intellectual Property

Commercializing research from the University of Oklahoma has a powerful impact.


How does OU fulfill its mission of serving society and the state of Oklahoma by ensuring that the research generated by its faculty and staff has the greatest tangible impact possible?



Innovation from academic research can make a positive difference in the world. Protecting and commercializing the intellectual property that results from this research supports the OU mission, increases knowledge, and advances the human condition. It encourages researchers to continue to innovate by ensuring the inventor is recognized and rewarded. University intellectual property transfer is also a driving force in bolstering statewide economic impact and ensures that national and global companies with existing manufacturing, marketing, and distribution channels can propel the innovation beyond Norman, Oklahoma.




How does university innovation co-exist with and complement industry?



Universities are hubs for exchanging ideas, questioning the status quo, and conducting cutting-edge experiments to solve the most challenging local and global issues. To support this discovery, universities receive funding to help further research in a variety of areas. Companies, faced with diminishing research and development resources and averse to the inherent risks in research, look to universities for a diverse portfolio of innovative ideas, access to subject matter experts, and a talented pool of new graduates for potential employment. 


How does the university help move fundamental research from the lab and transform it into products and services in the marketplace?  



Often, a gap exists between the fundamental research conducted in a university lab and that innovation being ready for commercialization. This gap is a significant challenge that often prevents life-saving and world-changing products from reaching consumers. OU helps bridge this gap through forging industry partnerships, startup creation, cross-campus collaborations between complimentary departments, as well as a variety of internal initiatives, including OU’s Office of Technology Development’s GrowthFund for translational research and the Graduate Venture Fellowship program. Together these strengthen the commercial potential of OU research and intellectual property by providing short-term resources for commercially focused research and prototyping.


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