(Intellectual Property) Invention in the Present: Inventions and Intellectual Property

How the invention of PinYing was developed into patented technology through the University of Oklahoma’s intellectual property system.

What is the timeline for the invention? How did the invention move from an Opera to Patented technology? How many kinds of intellectual property are there and how what kinds of IP are included in the invention of Pinying? How does OU protect its IP?

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Intellectual Property Room
It takes a team of experts to help protect intellectual property as it makes its way from the brain to a public market. Hours or writing and reviewing go into legally creating a patent or a copyright.

Patent Applications
Two patents for Pinying were filed and later combined into one. Through lists of claims and illustrations, the paten discloses and protects the Pinying method (called the sinographic English alphabet) and its various digital and analog embodiments as well as the "pop block" learning system Dr. Stalling invented to teach the method more quickly and intuitively.

Yinglishi the Opera
A collection of opera libretto and books from Dr. Stalling's collection reflect his first writings and critical uses of Sinophonic English as well as other examples of poetry and poetics.