(Production) Invention in the Present: OU Maker Spaces and Student Participation

Market research and physical production of PinYing using OU’s maker spaces

How did OU students gain real-world experience working with Professor Stalling to conduct market research and provide engineering and design work? How did OU’s Maker Spaces and Emerging Technology Librarians and Technicians help fabricate the physical and digital embodiments of the invention?

This is the octagon navigational graphic for the Production room.


Marketing and development done with the help of the Ronnie K. Irani Center of the Creation of Economic Wealth provided expertise and ability to prototype some of the future models and methods of Pinying.

ICCEW provided expertise and access to professionals to create the starting points for the creation of the prototypes shown here. These prototypes became proofs of concept for the woodblock printing boxes to create the Rime Tables and the hands, the "pop block" action blocks, and the electronic chip reading and sound producing Seedling.