(Imperial Exams) Invention in the Past: Song Dynasty English and the Chinese Imperial Examination

If a version of English had been developed within Song Dynasty China using the rime table, how it might have been used with the poetry of the Imperial Examinations?

How could Song Dynasty English have become a medium for the Imperial Examination System? How and why did poetry lie at the heart of Imperial China ideology and how have Oklahomans from across the state passed the exam? Can you pass the test?

This is the octagon navigational graphic for the Imperial Exams room.


Jueju Room
The map of Oklahoma providing the backdrop for the Jueju poetry competition room reveals the many and diverse areas and ages from which students competed. Their results were weighed on the traditional Chinese Civil Service Exam with each being awarded a title of "child student," "recommended person," "top conference examinee," or "advanced scholar."